One in Spirit is ever-growing but it began with two men who had the same vision for a non-profit that helped bring community together, through art, on the land to heal. It has grown into an inclusive team, all with different professional and personal experience. Each person contributes their expertise in the field of healing, arts and connection. 

Randy Fred - Founding Board Member

Randy Fred is an Elder with the Tseshaht First Nation in Port Alberni, BC. He is a Residential School Survivor, advocate and has been on a healing journey for decades. 

Story telling has been central to Randy’s life. His career has enabled him to respectfully engage people from all walks of life, to share their stories and create lasting bonds– often creating extraordinary moments of healing and releasing traumas. A professional interviewer on radio and television, an editor and publisher and predominant supporter of the arts; Randy has bridged many hearts and minds with his talent and empathic gift. 


Every culture since the beginning of civilization has endured trauma and resiliency. We can unite and heal our divisions when we reach out and listen with our hearts and minds open. Together we will create lasting bonds and healing moments.

Dr Ansel Updegrove - Founding Board Member

Highly respected NUCCA practitioner, Dr. Ansel specializes in traumatic brain injury and concussion. He has been in the Chiropractor industry for over 15 years.

A graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, he practiced in Victoria before moving to Nanaimo in 2011.

Dr. Ansel brings the science and practical application of healing through self-awareness, nature immersion and behavioral change. He believes healing comes from all angles of a persons mind, body and spirit. One cannot be aligned without the other, his work has helped hundreds of people find joy again, and helped them to live a life without pain. With long term attainable plans to keep their healing journey flourishing. 

Ann Graham Walker - Board Member

Ann comes from a rich background in storytelling and writing, as well as non-profit leadership and volunteering.


Previously a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio journalist in Nova Scoctia, her favourite part of the job was the opportunity it gave her to capture fragile oral history. She covered a wide range of stories from the politics of health care, Indigenous justice issues, and love stories shared by War brides. 


But when she moved to BC’s beautiful Vancouver Island in 2002 she decided to dedicate herself to creative writing. She was drawn to the One In Spirit Healing Arts Society she believes in bringing people together through storytelling and writing — tools she believes to be uniquely powerful in building and communicating empathy across diverse communities.

Loretta Friesen - Chair & Executive Director

Entrepreneur, HR professional, certified coach, MBA and ultimate gig guru, Loretta's path has led her full circle to follow her instincts, follow her passion and find her wholeness back to what truly matters.

An advocate for inclusion, collaboration and ‘Mother Nature’. Science is slowly proving what our Indigenous Elders and wisdom keepers have always known. Ann believes we've been living on autopilot  for far too long, falling into unhealthy patterns of survival. That many generations are suffering from the disconnection to the earth, never respecting the symbiotic relationship that is so critical for our wellbeing. It is time to get back to the land, teachings and community.

Lewis Beck - Board Member

Lewis was raised in Vancouver, B.C. and blessed with a 25-year stint in Canada’s north, attending SFU and Aurora College in Ft. Smith, NT.

He has always integrated the Arts in his role and recognized the importance of Art to heal at both an individual and societal level. A musician, poet, songwriter, filmmaker and proprietor of Inspirations Designs.

Over the years I co-created and managed several arts-related organizations. Lewis is delighted to be part of this promising nascent healing arts organization here in Nanaimo.