The Core of One In Spirit

One in Spirit is built upon a team of people united in our belief that its time to put the screens away and get into nature together. When we gather community with arts in nature true healing happens. We are an inclusive team with Elders, Indigenous community members and non-Indigenous allies. All are needed, our varied backgrounds give us the perfect recipe to create opportunities together. 


The One in Spirit team creates and facilitates healing opportunities around Vancouver Island inspired by the arts. Art in all its forms, has proven to enhance physical, mental and emotional healing. The importance of artistic creativity and healing is needed now more than ever. Our goal is to assist community members, with healing art activities in nature. To participate in learning and/or practicing art forms for the purpose of well being while having fun. We want to nurture the mind, body and spirit. When aligned true healing can be accomplished.

We host specialized, theme based workshops with input and suggestions from the community.  We know there are many amazing and relevant projects already in existence and we wish to promote them through our website. We are seeking collaborative partners to launch art-related projects.


Current Workshops & Healing Sessions Coming Up

Sep 30th, 2021: We collaborated with the Nanaimo Multi-cultural Society to facilitate two walks at Westwood Lake. Our first opportunity to be out in the community, with Indigenous Elders and local healers to support and nurture inclusive story sharing and land based learning. Each person will have time to share their personal stories and learn what Westwood Lake means and has always meant to the local Indigenous peoples. Including such aspects as sacred historical awareness and current local medicinal species. 
Coming Up:


Art in the Park Date TBD: We will organize small gatherings where children/teens can explore creative activities with elders and mentors. In a safe space the children with have opportunity to express themselves through art, expand ideas and self-awareness. Lunch will be provided, as sharing food in community is a core First Nations tradition. 


Culinary Workshop Date TBD: We will be hosting cooking workshops for the community, with Indigenous and non Indigenous recipes. Combining meals from different cultures, cooking together, laughing together. All very important keys to creating connection to our inner joy, community and spirit. 

Plan to publish one or more booklets for the Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society to utilize in their workshops for immigrants, sharing local connections, upcoming events and welcome newcomers.

Randy Fred and Team will be produce a documentary on the Alberni Indian Residential School court cases, sharing his story, resilience. 


One in Spirit Inclusion & Nature

One in Spirit encourages, as much as possible, art in nature. Mother Nature is healing. Being in nature forces us to be present. When we are present we can tap into our personal power and self-esteem. Much of what we do will be outdoors. Possible projects are limitless. The world has become over-institutionalized and nature deprivation is widespread. It is time for us to gather, together, heal together and grow together. In land, near water, with all the healing that earth has to offer us.

Art is for everyone. One in Spirit is dedicated to inclusion. We want people of all cultures and ages to learn about any art that interests them. Gathering together, learning from and with each other...this is the medicine needed to move forward with reconciliation. Only when we let our guards down and see each other at the core, only then can true healing begin.