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Why? As a society, we have been confined to limiting belief systems and exposed to increasingly destructive lifestyles of addictions and fear based divisional consciousness. Our survival and ability to thrive in the future is completely in the hands of our children. Our children and in fact all current generations have lost touch with who we are as humans interdependent with nature. We have been taught that we are above and separate from our natural environment and this separateness and dominant egoic is undermining our natural ability to heal and thrive.

Artificial intelligence can be any form of technology from our phones – which have altered the ways in which we communicate and connect to the televisions that are sending frequencies out within our environments for extended periods of time. AI is not just virtual reality, pacemakers, robots, and computers. All of our modes of transportation are bypassing our human need to walk and run and mindfully connect with our physical bodies in our physical environments. We take this for granted.


And what about the increasing separation personal interactivity? The addictions to social media, reliance on internet is narrowing our innate abilities to problem solve and create personal resourcefulness. It is so much easier to ask Siri or “google it”. Are we loosing touch with our human potential?


We are most certainly loosing our sense of self worth when it is more important to have the latest cell phone over the time and skills to create beauty and co-create self-esteem, worthiness and excitement through connecting heart to heart with each other.

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