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One In Spirit is a non-profit society facilitating transformative healing moments. Together in nature we are sharing, listening and experiencing healing as a group. With connection to land, wildlife, spirit, rooted in First Nations teachings and community members.

Connection . Community . Creativity 


One in Spirit Healing Arts Society strives to ignite a more inclusive level of healing by helping people connect their personal stories, with nature and with each other through community.  Wisdom and science are merging – the opportunities are ripe to use multiple dimensional expressions of art to reconnect communities while promoting equality, unity, reconciliation, and healing. The urgency to create healthier communities for our children has never been greater.

Our programs and projects will focus on:

Hosting opportunities for inclusive healing
Supporting personal mental health, spirit and wellness

Preserving and protecting local culture through storytelling
Bringing all people together through guided, yet organic activities that build mutual empathy, equality and compassion;